Will You Walk By Faith Into Your Marriage

There are certain scriptures that I’ve heard so many times, they’ve become quite familiar. “I walk by faith and NOT by sight” is one of those scriptures. Today, I heard these words mentioned and they landed on me differently. I started to wonder about the word “walk.”

What Exactly Does That Word Mean?

Walking by Faith

So, I looked it up in a dictionary (actually 2 old school, low tech dictionaries, to be specific). What I found was interesting. Of course, they mentioned the typical definition of “to ADVANCE by using one’s feet.” But, they also included “a WAY OF BEING; Living.” I’m not sure I ever consciously considered this definition of the word “walk.”

It’s quite clear that these are both applicable for use in Actively Applying this verse to our lives. Advance by faith, not by sight. Be & Live by faith, not by sight. Both so completely powerful!

Are Your Eyes Deceiving You?

For the successful woman who’s so used to creating & implementing based on HER vision, it can be a test to walk when your path is only illuminated by the evidence of things hoped for, things NOT seen, i.e. Faith. But we must be aware that at times our eyes can deceive us. The things we “see” through the lens of faith are far more trustworthy than what we “see” with our physical eyes, IF we’re being led by God. Remember Prophet Noah?

Do you “see” a husband in your future? How about children? Even though there seem to be no prospects around? If God has made this your heart’s desire, then He can also allow it to happen for you. Marriage is a sacred gift that He has sent to be shared & enjoyed between Believing men & Believing women.

Don’t Let Doubt Creep In

Have you allowed your previous disappointments to cause you to doubt if this will really happen for you? To cause you to doubt if it CAN really happen? STOP IT! That’s being & living by Sight. Remember that faith is the evidence of things “unseen.” That means if you can see it with your physical eyes, you don’t need faith.

It’s Time To Exercise

Many of us need to exercise our faith muscles. That’s my coach’s request of you today. Identify an aspect of your Love Life where your faith needs strengthening. Then, focus on making it stronger. Being truly faithful feels quite vulnerable. And being vulnerable isn’t always easy. (In fact, sometimes it can be downright difficult, because it requires TRUST.) That’s right, the “T” word. Faith, Vulnerability, the “unseen,” it all comes down to whether or not we Trust God.

Will You Choose to Trust & Believe?

Do you trust God’s Timing, His Guidance, His Direction for your live? Do you trust HIM? You can’t have faith without Trust. These are essential in your spiritual walk & they’re essential in a healthy, lifelong marriage. While you’re waiting on your King, make sure you are cultivating the Queen in YOU. That’s how to create & enjoy a Phenomenal Lifestyle™!

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