What if I NEVER Meet “The One”?

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I’m sure this thought has entered your mind at some point. My guess is, that you also tried your best to shoo it away as quickly as possible. The truth is, this is a very painful and disappointing notion to consider. No one wants to go through life without experiencing the connection, passion, companionship and security that is birthed from a loving, romantic union.

Yet, far too many single women are either keeping busy by kissing frogs, or passively waiting for Prince Charming to come along, and rescue them from the dragons of life. (Dragons that you, my Love, are fully capable of slaying.) Often, important priorities are neglected in the interim.

I don’t believe in EVER giving up HOPE on a God-given dream. (Remember, God honored His Promise to Sarah AFTER she went through menopause). At the same time, a wise woman prepares herself for the future. That places you ahead of the curve, so you don’t wind up wanting to get married because you need your Husband to come clean up what you could have done yourself. In fact, if you haven’t focused on these areas of your own life, it can be a possible deterrent for your Mr. Right when you do meet.

So, as you proactively design your life to fully enjoy it during your current season, here are a few things to focus on now, before you meet “The One”:


Do you have a plan to accomplish your financial goals? Have you actually written out the steps you will take to expand your financial literacy, and evolve financially? If not, here are just a few of the aspects I recommend you include in your plan of action:

  1. Saving & Investing for Retirement (Do you know when you want to have the option to stop working? Are your choices today positioning you for the future you desire? )
  2. Giving Tithes & Offerings (Whether or not you accept this as a required Spiritual practice, it’s been proven repeatedly that this practice is highly effective and rewarding on multiple levels. )
  3. Investing in Your Personal Growth & Development (You can’t Reap what you don’t Sow. What are you sowing into yourself, in order to continue to evolve on a personal level? Baby Doll, free stuff will only take you so far.)
  4. Creating an intentional Spending Plan (You’re going to do something with your money. It’s best to make sure the way you allocate it is actually moving your forward, rather than backward.)
  5. Eliminating Debt (Your Student Loans will NEVER leave you, nor forsake you 😉 )



The ONE relationship you had before to entered this earthly World is the ONE relationship you’ll have when you leave it. Remember, you are NEVER alone when The Lord is by your side. Are you nurturing that relationship with your time, energy & attention? Or, are you neglecting it, in favor of an Entertainment addiction, a series of ungodly lifestyle choices or, the all too common assumption that you’ll spend some time with God and submit to His Will, TOMORROW. (Cue The Winans’ song 🙂 )

Not being equally yoked is one of the biggest challenges faced by married couples. I highly recommend doing as much “pre-work” on yourself as you can before you enter a relationship. An astounding number of marriages are entered into by two wounded people hoping that the marriage will heal them. They find themselves sorely disappointed when they realize that there is nothing “magical” about it, and that their wounds are still present. In fact, frequently they experience their spouse unconsciously “picking” at the wounds.

When you commit to your own Spiritual development and a Relationship with your Creator, you’ll find that your days are more Purpose-filled, and the long nights are less lonely. You’ll also start hearing the Guidance that just may place you on the path to meeting your Soul Mate after all. I’ve heard many couples sharing the story of how they met; my favorites are the ones where it’s obvious that God orchestrated their meeting. It makes the whole thing seem that much more special!



We are all guaranteed to pass away and leave this Life behind. The question is, what will you leave behind when this happens?

Whether or not you ever get to experience giving birth to a child, you can absolutely sow into the lives of the children around you. Whether or not you ever get married (or re-married), you can do your best to cultivate & nurture the other relationships in your life (friendships, parents, siblings, community members). The legacy you leave behind is up to you. Good deeds that we perform during our lives, can continue to bless us after we pass.

An example that brought this home for me happened a couple of months ago. An extended family member lived alone, and passed away in his home. He was dead for WEEKS before anyone realized something was wrong, and went by his home to find his body. This was truly a very sad situation. The lesson I gleaned from it was that I want to live my life in a way that it’s noticed when I’m gone. It’s important to me that I do everything I can to leave this world a better place when I go Home, then it was when I got here. That’s a part of why I am devoted to helping women to experience Phenomenal LOVE and enjoy a Phenomenal Lifestyle™.


When you focus your efforts on these area’s of your life, then you’re on the right track, regardless of whether you EVER meet “The One.” Knowing that you are Maximizing your Life, by addressing the core areas leaves you feeling much more confident and certain about your future. And, Confidence softened with modesty is a highly Attractive trait! Increasing your Attraction Factor is key to enjoying the Love and Romance you desire.


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“True Love is Seeking YOU… Just as You are Seeking True Love!”

But, do you know how to call it into your life with Grace & Dignity?

Or, will you Stay committed to the Habits & Practices that Keep it at Bay, and leave you Frustrated?

The Choice is ALWAYS YOURS.

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