What Can the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Teach You About Dating, Courting & Finding Mr. Right? (Part 1)


Steven Covey wrote the Best Selling book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In it, he discussed common practices that lead to great success. I read this book many years ago and applied it to both my professional & personal life. Recently, it dawned on me that as I coach and teach single women how to stop kissing frogs and start attracting Mr. Right, all while creating a Phenomenal Lifestyle, that I could pull from these very principles for this as well. There’s a lot to cover, so I’m breaking this article into two parts. So here goes!

Paradigm Shift

It may be time for you to change your Mindset about men, dating, marriage and relationships.

Mosaic Infographic- 7 Habits Mr. Right

So many single women have bought into the hype that since the times have changed, that we’re now supposed to “think like a man,” or be like men when we’re navigating the dating scene. This couldn’t be more wrong, IF you want to get married and STAY happily married.

The truth is that marriage-minded men are looking for a certain type of woman, a WIFE. Likewise, the perpetual dater is also looking for a certain type of woman, a Playmate. If you want the first type of man to pursue you, it’s time for a paradigm shift, followed by a shift in your actions.


Habit #1 Be Proactive

Understand that your Decisions and Choices lead to the results you’re getting. YOU are the common denominator in your relationships, so if they are consistently disappointing, be proactive and do some self-reflection.

Often, it is helpful to get the perspective and assistance of a neutral party, who’s also a Subject Matter Expert in relationships. That’s the benefit of choosing to work with a Relationship Coach like me.


Habit #2 Begin with The End In Mind

Do you KNOW what you want in a man? In a Relationship? In a Marriage? Far too many women DO NOT know what they want. It’s no wonder that they struggle to get it. In order to begin with the end in mind, you MUST have clarity on “the end” that you desire. What is YOUR Vision of Love?

When I work privately with Clients, one of the first things we do is get clear on what is the goal, the outcome, the end that we are striving toward. That way, the Action Plans that we devise will lead to that direction.


Habit #3 Put First Things First

As Believing women of faith, the first thing for us is our commitment to worship and serve God. This is the most important relationship you will ever have. It’s the one that will last for all of eternity, for Better or for Worse.

With that perspective established, as you seek to attract your Mr. Right, your very own Boaz, remember to prioritize your “list” with desirable CHARACTER traits over desirable Physical traits. It won’t matter if he’s 6’2” and hung like a horse, if he doesn’t contribute to the family finances and has more mistresses than Tiger Woods. (Just dropped the mic, and walked away 🙂 )

Stay tuned for Part 2…


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“True Love is Seeking YOU… Just as You are Seeking True Love!”

But, do you know how to call it into your life with Grace & Dignity?

Or, will you Stay committed to the Habits & Practices that Keep it at Bay, and leave you Frustrated?

The Choice is ALWAYS YOURS.

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