There Are No GOOD MEN Here! Maybe I Should Move!


I hear some version of this comment it seems like every week from single looking at mapwomen that are frustrated over their relationship prospects.

Heck, I remember thinking it a few times when I was single. But the truth is, that there ARE Good, Marriage-Minded, Men of God EVERYWHERE. So, before you load up the truck and move to Beverly, take a breath and read on.

Well, if they are everywhere, but you don’t seem to be meeting any of them, what’s a gal to do?


Here are 4 things to keep in mind as you traverse your way through your single season and prepare to be in the relationship of your dreams:


God told us that for everything there is a Season. He’s ALREADY chosen your SoulMate for you and determined when & WHERE you’ll meet. However, there is ALWAYS work to be done or an assignment to complete before we are permitted to walk into the next Season of our lives. Are you using this “meantime” space to prepare for the Season that you SAY you want to enter? If not, it’s time to get to work as you wait for God’s perfect timing! Everyone loves the Harvest season, but when it’s time to toil and labor as we sow our seeds into fertile ground, most of us are somewhere sitting under a tree complaining about the heat.


Are your eye’s really open

We all have a “List,” I had one too! But some of you have crafted a list from a place of fear and desiring to protect yourself from ANY potential hurt that could ever come your way. (That’s not even possible, to be quite honest.) When fear & mistrust is at the center of your efforts, you can believe that you won’t be able to see as clearly as you think you do. It’s VERY likely that you are screening out some amazing men, just because they aren’t taller than you, making 6 figures or may have lost some hair. Open your eyes today as you run your errands or go to the gym. There are men everywhere, and one of them could be the perfect fit for you.


Are you showing up in a way that your husband-to-be would find appealing?

Alright, so we just discussed your list. Well, guess what? Your husband-to-be has a list too! Would the type of man that you want to attract into your life be looking for a woman like you? If you aren’t sure, there’s your answer.


Opposites Attract

If you’re constantly in your Masculine Energy (which may be perfectly fine for work, it can help you to get the job done) but never allow your Feminine Energy to take center stage, it will be difficult to attract a man who wants a Feminine woman. Which by the way is almost ALL men.

Note: Don’t get confused on this one, you can be pretty and still have masculine energy. I’ve known a women for over 15 years that struggles with this one. She’s beautiful, fit, smart and wears stylish clothes. She has no problem getting men to approach her… initially. The problem is once you spend any time around her you can sense that her energy is very masculine & competitive. She’s yet to get married (something she desires) and doesn’t understand why.


If you know that one or more of these is an area that you could improve upon, if your dating or courting life is not what you desire, then I invite you to join me on Valentine’s Day weekend for a special workshop for Single Women. It’s called Kissing Frogs & Other Things That Chase Away Your SoulMate And Keep You Single.


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“True Love is Seeking YOU… Just as You are Seeking True Love!”

But, do you know how to call it into your life with Grace & Dignity?

Or, will you Stay committed to the Habits & Practices that Keep it at Bay, and leave you Frustrated?

The Choice is ALWAYS YOURS.

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Wende Sanders, MS, CC is a Reinvention Strategist, Award-Winning Speaker, Coach, Author and the owner of a premier personal & professional development company for women ready to up level themselves through reinvention. She's a Certified Life, Career and Relationship Coach that enjoys teaching and working with Clients to transform their lives for the better.

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