Phenomenal Lifestyle™ Design Planner

The Phenomenal Lifestyle™ Design Planner is the perfect tool to help women to proactively and intentionally design their lives throughout the year!

 Phenomenal Lifestyle Design Planner open cover

 When you use this Planner, you will:

  • Create purposeful Quarterly & Monthly Goals that are meaningful to you

  • Clarify your Priorities and regularly make time for them

  • Organize your Daily Appointments & Tasks

  • Learn to use the Law of Attraction to your benefit (and how you may currently be using it to your detriment unwittingly)

  • Journal what you’re Grateful for, Increase your focus on those things, and reap the benefits of doing so

  • Discover the 9 Pillars of a Phenomenal Lifestyle™ and how to use them to create and maintain a solid foundation in your life

  • Learn the 7 Secrets to a Phenomenal Lifestyle™ and how they will help you to experience phenomenal success and fulfillment

  • Transform your life day by day

  • And so much more!


Planner Features Include:

  • Lightweight, and easily fits into a medium sized purse so you can carry it everywhere you go

  • 200 page coil bound, with translucent vinyl cover

  • Not date specific; So you can start using your planner at any point during the year and still benefit from a full 12 months

  • 2 Page Monthly Spread (each month is on 2 pages)

  • 2 Page Weekly Spread (each week is on 2 pages)

  • Planner Dimensions:

    • Closed- 7.25″ W x 8.5″ H

    • Opened- 13.5″ W x 8.5″ H


Planner Table of Contents


What Are My Priorities?

9 Pillars of a Phenomenal Lifestyle™

7 Secrets to a Phenomenal Lifestyle™

My Personal Mission/Assignment

What Will You Attract?

Books To Shape Who I Become Over the Next Year

Let’s Set Some Goals!

Special Dates This Year

Monthly & Weekly Calendars

Year In Review

Master To Do List & My Great Ideas

Tithe/Donation Tracker & Debt Elimination Tracker

“Toot Your Own Horn” File

Prayer/Supplication Requests

About the Author

Planner Cost $35

Free Shipping in Continental USA