Are You Addicted to Bad Boys?

Addicted to Frogs-Fine Felon

Over the past few days, the internet and social media has been in a heated frenzy over the “FINE Felon!” I get it. The dude’s photo DID look GOOD.

In fact, before I read the caption, I assumed he was a model and it was an ad. However, when I saw the details and more specifically the tattoo on his face, I got over it real quick, and straightened up mid-swoon.

I’ve seen women of ALL Races, Education levels, and backgrounds getting all verklempt over this repeat offender. My point here is NOT to bash this this guy, in fact I hope he indeed turns his life around.

I want to call attention to a VERY common Addiction that few discuss openly, but far too many single women face. It’s an addiction to Kissing Frogs! That’s right, BAD BOYS!!!

Through my research and experience working with Coaching Clients, I’ve identified 10 Types of Frogs with which women commonly find themselves in unhealthy & unhappy “relationships.” (Note: Frogs come in BOTH genders; so know that ALL females are NOT Princesses/Queens)

I cover them, and much more in my FREE SoulMate Attraction Kit.

But, I won’t leave you hanging…

The Fine Felon, represents what I call a “Lowland Leopard Frog”. This type of Frog is a Repeated Criminal. Might I note, this is different from the person who made one stupid mistake, learned his lesson and promptly turned his life around.

What makes this Bad Boy a Frog, rather than a Prince is that he’s made a lifestyle out of criminal activity. The repercussions of such a lifestyle would make it very difficult for someone to decide to get married, and start a family without having the consequences of his former life spill over into his wife’s desire for a happily ever after.

Ladies, I know you desire to attract your soul mate, and enjoy the love, passion, romance and companionship that comes from a great relationship. However, I encourage you to make your dating decisions from a place of wisdom, not from a place that’s just plain dumb.

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“True Love is Seeking YOU… Just as You are Seeking True Love!”

But, do you know how to call it into your life with Grace & Dignity?

Or, will you Stay committed to the Habits & Practices that Keep it at Bay, and leave you Frustrated?

The Choice is ALWAYS YOURS.

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Wende Sanders, MS, CC is a Reinvention Strategist, Award-Winning Speaker, Coach, Author and the owner of a premier personal & professional development company for women ready to up level themselves through reinvention. She's a Certified Life, Career and Relationship Coach that enjoys teaching and working with Clients to transform their lives for the better.

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