2018 Success Prep Kit for
a Fierce Year:

 for a Fierce Year:

2018 Success Prep Kit:

Remember these top 10 aspects of your personal development and you will empower yourself to have a Fierce year & a Phenomenal Lifestyle.

10. Assess the previous year, or the current status of things
9. Focus on building a solid Foundation
8. Develop a Plan & Strategy that includes Accountability (ie. Professional Coach)
7. Take Action on your plan
6. Establish stretch Goals
5. Make Decisions that align with your goals & ideal outcomes
4. Form Beliefs that support positive experiences
3. Renew your Mindset to be Growth-oriented, not Fixed
2. Start with a sincere, positive Intention

The #1 Thing You Need to Create a Fierce Year is...

1. Have a Clear Vision of the Life, Career, Business, Body, Relationships you want to create for yourself

Join me on Saturday, January 13, 2018 for the “Create Your Fierce Life! 2018 Vision Board Playshop & Plan-a-thon”

Livestream option available

I'd love to help you plan & prep for a Fierce & Phenomenal You!
Learn More & Register at  www.FierceU.com 

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Wende Sanders, MS, CC is a Reinvention Strategist, Award-Winning Speaker, Coach, Author and the owner of a premier personal & professional development company for women ready to up level themselves through reinvention. She's a Certified Life, Career and Relationship Coach that enjoys teaching and working with Clients to transform their lives for the better.

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