When Love Hits a Brick Wall

Brick Wall

Sometimes it can seem like your love life is up against a GIANT brick wall.

  • Where are all the GOOD MEN!?


  • How many times can my heart get broken?


  • Why wouldn’t he Marry ME!?


Please, don’t be discouraged! And don’t lose HOPE that there is more joy and greater LOVE on the other side of that wall.

There’s so much LOVE & Happiness to experience in life! Don’t let what you don’t know, stop you from experiencing what you can only imagine.

When you hit a wall, only you can decide if that’s the end of the road for you, and you’ll choose to trudge down the path to bitterness & envy. OR, if you’ll choose to put on your “big girl panties,” and learn how to do something different, so you can experience a different result.

I’m sure you’ve heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again, and expecting a different result. Yet, smart women do this repeatedly in their love lives. Are you ready to do something different, so you can experience something different?

If you said yes, then consider joining me at the Smart, S.E.X.Y & Single Women’s Retreat on August 17, 2013.

It’s time to bring down the walls!

About the Author:

Wende Sanders, MS, CC is an Award-Winning Speaker, Relationship Coach, Author and the owner of a premier personal development company for success-minded women. She's a Certified Life and Relationship Coach that enjoys working with Clients to transform the quality of relationships they attract, so they can experience the deep LOVE and more fulfilling lives they want. Her relationship expertise and insight have helped thousands of women to improve their lives and their relationships while honoring their faith and values.


  1. Cynthia  June 22, 2014

    Thank you for your honest. A lot of the men I talk too feel the same, as if there’s no need for reaohilnstips. Everyone is so busy with their own pursuits AND busy trying to fill each others shoes. There is nothing that could replace the need for companionship for me but I seem to be a dying breed


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