Ways to get Unstuck for The Prodigal Sister

It’s January, and the year is just begining. So, let me ask you a personal question. Where are you in relation to your vision of how you want your Love Life to unfold this year?
Did you want to attend more worship services or improve your personal relationship with God? Did you plan to get into better shape or improve your relationship with your body? Maybe your plan was to stop constantly beating yourself up for not being perfect; and, start giving yourself some credit for all the wonderful things that you get “right”.
Perhaps you intended to stop wasting time kissing FROGS, do a dating detox and begin a  God ordained Courtship that leads to marriage? If you’re already married, you may have promised yourself that THIS year would be the time that you’d focus on your marriage and get back to the way things used to be.
If somehow along the way you’ve slipped, tumbled or fallen from grace in one of these aspects of your relationships (God, self, others) then it’s never too late to “get back up again!” So many of the women I meet are struggling with an unmet need for pure LOVE. It’s a need so strong & so deep that it often drives them into acts that violate their values and compromise themselves, either with food, sinful sex, alcohol, excessive busyness, etc.
So here are 4 simple tips to help you get unstuck, and find your way out of a place that you NEVER thought you’d be.

Tip 1- Admit to yourself that you’ve gotten off track

This is not about condemning yourself and then punishing yourself because you should have known better. It’s about “seeing things as they are, but not better than they are and not worse than they are,” as my mentor Tony Robbins puts it.

Tip 2- Realize that you CAN Be/Do/Have better

Sometimes this is as simple as surrounding yourself with the support you need to clarify and enlarge your vision. Sometimes you need more personalized assistance to help you undo the thoughts, beliefs & habits that are sabotaging you. I also love the impact that listening to inspirational music and audiobooks can have in this regard. We know that faith come by hearing and hearing, so what are you listening to? Is it bringing your closer or further from God’s best for you?

Tip 3- Repent for your mistakes & bad choices, and then Change for the better

This one is often easier said than done, but it’s totally doable with the right mindset, tools, support, team and encouragement. And it starts with a decision. “Dear Lord, I’ve sinned and fallen off the straight path, and I’m not OK with it anymore. Please forgive me, and help me to improve & separate myself from what You dislike. I will do whatever it takes to get back on track, and release the pain and shame of my choices. In your precious name God.”

Tip 4- Accept God’s forgiveness, and forgive yourself for falling short

Then, come on back home to God’s Love & Masterful Guidance in your life. When I hear God’s guidance in my life, it usually sounds like a soft whisper. I’ve found that I need to create an environment of peace and quiet so I can hear Him nudging me one way or another. In the past, when I didn’t take heed to the whisper, God would find other, more unpleasant ways to get my attention. I’ve learned that I prefer the whisper.
So, it’s the New Year, and that gives you a “new beginning” (although, truthfully we get a NEW beginning every day that we are blessed to wake up). As the year rapidly moves along, you still have an opportunity to make some changes for the better in your life and in your relationships. You are too smart to keep settling for less than, when you serve a God of abundance who wants you to completely experience the beauty, richness and the fullness of life. And the LOVE that comes as a result of indulging in these totally guilt-free experiences.
I invite you to join me on February 15, in Winston-Salem, NC for a wonderful Workshop for Single Women. It’s called Kissing Frogs & Other Things That Chase Away Your SoulMate And Keep You Single,” and this event is FREE. I hope to see you there, you don’t have to go on this Journey alone. I can help you attract the Love of your Life.

About the Author:

Wende Sanders, MS, CC is an Award-Winning Speaker, Relationship Coach, Author and the owner of a premier personal development company for success-minded women. She's a Certified Life and Relationship Coach that enjoys working with Clients to transform the quality of relationships they attract, so they can experience the deep LOVE and more fulfilling lives they want. Her relationship expertise and insight have helped thousands of women to improve their lives and their relationships while honoring their faith and values.


  1. Althea  June 5, 2013

    Thank you for your constant inspiration and motivation. I needed this one today. I’m TOO hard on myself! Great post

    • Wende  June 5, 2013

      Thanks Althea, It’s my pleasure & my Divine Assignment! I hope to see you soon. :-)


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