Fun Games + Friends + Food = Phenomenal Lifestyle™ Party

Enjoy fun games, close friends and great food all with the focus of personal growth and development! You can be happier with yourself, your relationships and your life; host your own Phenomenal Lifestyle Party.

Imagine if a “Mary Kay type of party” merged with a Tony Robbins or Iyanla Vanzant type of personal development event in the comfort of your home (or wherever you choose). Well that gives you a slight idea of what to expect from my Phenomenal Lifestyle™ Party.

Plus, as a Hostess, you get to enjoy special incentives that include up to 58% off of anything offered. Your guests can receive up to 34% savings on anything they purchase.


There are 3 different focuses you can choose from to best benefit you and your guests:


  • Falling Back in Love with YOU!™ (Focuses on helping women to improve their self-confidence and requiring better treatment from others in their lives; think “Iyanla Fix my Life!”)


  • SoulMate Attraction Factor™ (Focuses on helping the single woman who wants to be married to learn how to stop kissing frogs and start attracting her SoulMate; think “Hitch”)
  • Creating Your Phenomenal Brand (Focuses on identifying who you are & what you want to portray to the world about how you want to be perceived; think “What Not to Wear”)


Each party lasts approximately 1.5 hours-2 hours. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon or a Girls Night In. 


Being a Party Hostess is simple with the Easy Phenomenal Lifestyle™ Party Planning Hostess Guide. It contains easy food ideas, pre-written email invitation, and Social Media/Text reminders I provide for you to send to your guests.


We all want to experience a Phenomenal Lifestyle™ and you may be doing pretty well in many of the areas in your life.  Now, you have the opportunity to learn how “kick it up a notch” in the areas that could stand some improvement, by hosting a party this month.  Some of the women you may want to invite to your party include: 

  1. Friends
  2. Family
  3. Co-workers
  4. Church/Masjid/Synagogue members
  5. Committee members
  6. Former co-workers
  7. Classmates
  8. Mom’s from your kid’s school or daycare
  9. Neighbors


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What type of women would be interested in hosting/attending a Phenomenal Lifestyle™ Party? 

  • Women that are interested in makeovers, transformation, and personal development
  • Progressive Women of Faith
  • Women that have been living on auto-pilot and want to stop
  • Women that are unhappy or unfulfilled with their romantic relationships or their relationship with themself
  • Women that are ready to make themselves a priority in their own lives
  • Women that have made some bad choices and want to know what to do now
  • Women that are tolerating too much in their lives, jobs, relationships, etc and are ready to stop
  • Women that want to be happier and more fulfilled now
  • Women that want to be better role models for their kids and need some help to know how


How much does it cost to host a Phenomenal Lifestyle™ Party?

  • At this time, I do not charge a fee to come to your home and conduct a Phenomenal Lifestyle™ Party. It’s my way to spread the word about my work and demonstrate what a powerful transformation I help women make in their lives.


Why would I want to host/attend a Phenomenal Lifestyle™ Party?

There are numerous benefits to hosting/attending a Phenomenal Lifestyle™ Party.  For the purposes of brevity I’ll narrow down the list:

  1. Fellowship with like-minded women in a supportive and encouraging setting (your home!)
  2. Learn new skills, approaches and perspectives to help you in some of the “problem areas” in your life
  3. Acquire tools and resources to facilitate major shifts in desired areas
  4. Have fun while learning and supporting the women in your life
  5. Participate in personal development activities in a single sex environment, no need to feel embarrassed when it’s time to get real


Remember, you can host a party and focus on any of these areas:

  • Falling Back in Love with YOU!™

  • SoulMate Attraction Factor™

  • Creating Your Phenomenal Brand


I realize that this is a unique concept in home parties, and you are likely to have some questions about how it all works.  Please, feel free to contact me either by phone at 336-407-3828 or by using the Contact page to email me. If you’re ready to schedule your Party, just go to my online scheduler, by clicking

I can do Phenomenal Lifestyle™ parties in the Triad, the Triangle and in the Charlotte metro areas of North Carolina. Want to be a Hostess in another area? I look forward to branching out to other locations, contact me and I’ll see how we can make it happen!