Living Single & Loving It!


There are pros & cons to any scenario, and being single is no exception.5 Love Languages1

Your single season is a time for you to really focus on YOU, grow yourself, and reap the benefits of your personal Upgrade.

Additionally, you can offer up the best version of yourself to your SoulMate when God sends him to you!

Identify what makes you happy (and what doesn’t). Spend time doing things you enjoy. Learn how to cook a dish you become known for (I’ve never met a man who doesn’t appreciate this skill). And, accomplish things on your “Dream’s list.”

While you’re enjoying the freedom and other benefits of being a single woman, you can also get yourself used to being genuinely and purely loved in a way that rocks your world. The fringe benefit here is that like attracts like. So when you love yourself authentically, you attract more love into your life from others. Hello!

“Sounds great, how to I get started!?,” you ask. There are many approaches to the dilemma of not enough love being demonstrated or received. In this post, I’m going to focus on the approach that pertains to the Languages of Love.

I really like the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. In it, you’ll discover the 5 primary languages that people use to communicate their affection.

The 5 Love Languages:

Words of Affirmation

Quality Time

Receiving Gifts

Acts of Service

Physical Touch


Once you’ve identified your own love language, (we’ll be digging into this during the upcoming Smart, S.E.X.Y & Single Women’s Retreat) you can be much more effective in demonstrating the depth & breadth of your love.

Knowing how to express true love to yourself, is excellent practice! Exercising those loving muscles, means they’ll be in great shape when Mr. Right comes into your life. Then, you’ll also be able to ensure HE feels true love when he’s with you. How? Because, you’ll be speaking to him in HIS own primary love language. Unlike most other women, who’ll make the common mistake of speaking to others in their own love language; and, then wondering why it’s not working.

I challenge you to discover your primary love language, and then gift yourself with an outward expression of love using it.

For example:

If it’s physical touch schedule yourself a massage.

If it is acts of service, hire a maid or get your car detailed.

If it’s receiving gifts, send yourself flowers with a simple note that says “I Love You!”

When you experience how great it feels to be related to in your own love language, you’ll be more likely to relate to your family and friends in their own languages. And all that practice will make you irresistible to your SoulMate!

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About the Author:

Wende Sanders, MS, CC is an Award-Winning Speaker, Relationship Coach, Author and the owner of a premier personal development company for success-minded women. She's a Certified Life and Relationship Coach that enjoys working with Clients to transform the quality of relationships they attract, so they can experience the deep LOVE and more fulfilling lives they want. Her relationship expertise and insight have helped thousands of women to improve their lives and their relationships while honoring their faith and values.

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