Is It Time To Upgrade To A Phenomenal Brand?


What is a personal brand?
A personal brand is what people think of you when they see you. It’s what they think of when your name comes up. Your brand is what you stand for or what you represent.
Think of the following people, what comes to mind? Each of them has a well-established personal brand.
Jesus, First Lady Michelle Obama, Honey Boo Boo (lol, just wanted to make sure you’re paying attention), Oprah Winfrey, Mother Theresa, Tyler Perry
Why do I need a brand?
You already have a brand, whether you know it or not. It’s critical that you intentionally design your brand, so that you have better control over it. Otherwise, your brand will be created by default and is more likely to harm you than to benefit you.
How do I know when it’s time to upgrade my personal brand?
There are several indicators that it’s time for a brand upgrade. I’ve listed a few below:
  • You never intentionally created your brand in the first place.
  • When you look in the mirror, what you see doesn’t match how you feel or who you are inside.
  • Nothing in your closet seems to be “you” anymore.
  • Despite your qualifications and best efforts, you aren’t getting the promotions you want.
  • You’ve just started a new phase in your life (new job, recently divorced, all your kids have moved out, just promoted on the job, ready for a new relationship, etc.).
How will upgrading my brand benefit me?
There are so many benefits to creating a brand that accurately reflects your authentic self!
  • Your brand will set you apart from the crowd, as the unique, Phenomenal Woman that you are. We know how essential this is when there’s a lot of competition for what you’re seeking. This can lead to greater income potential for you over the course of your career and life.
  • Creating an upgraded brand empowers you to know your amazing talents & worth, and powerfully express them to others with grace and ease. Beloved, if you intend to attract your SoulMate this is an absolute MUST. And, if you’re already married to him, this will help him remember why he fell in love with you in the first place.
  • Your remarkable personality is the “Star of the Show” when you’ve created a Phenomenal Brand. You can finally find your voice and share it with the world. Think of all the incredible people and opportunities you’ll attract.
  • You can always find something to wear in your closet because it’s all “YOU”! How much time and energy will that save you over the course of a year?
Ok, so now that you know the answers to each of the above questions, I have one more for you. When are you going to upgrade your brand?
As we wrap up the current year, and consider our plans and hopes for the New Year, this is the perfect time to reflect on what’s working in our lives and what’s not. Are you wearing items that are fine, they just aren’t who you are anymore? Have you been rocking the same hair style since undergrad? Do you punish yourself by wearing unattractive clothes that barley fit you, because you won’t let yourself buy beautiful items until you lose weight?
If you answered yes to any of those, I challenge you to reconsider your approach. You may be realizing that you’d like to upgrade, but don’t know how or where to start. Would you like my professional attention and personalized assistance, focused solely on you and helping you to excavate the priceless beauty within? If so, the “Phenomenal Brand” VIP Day is just for you!
Together we will “audit” your closet to see what’s working and what’s not. We’ll create new “looks” that will flatter your body and express your Phenomenal Essence. We’ll even rejuvenate your current wardrobe pieces by combining them in new and different ways. You walk away with a clear understanding of the “Classic Wardrobe Essentials” that will help you save money and time as you shop in the future. Upgrading your brand need not be complicated or ultra-expensive; it can even be FUN when you have the right help.

About the Author:

Wende Sanders, MS, CC is an Award-Winning Speaker, Relationship Coach, Author and the owner of a premier personal development company for success-minded women. She's a Certified Life and Relationship Coach that enjoys working with Clients to transform the quality of relationships they attract, so they can experience the deep LOVE and more fulfilling lives they want. Her relationship expertise and insight have helped thousands of women to improve their lives and their relationships while honoring their faith and values.

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