The Making of a Queen


“The young queen larva develops differently because it is more heavily fed royal jelly, a protein-rich secretion from glands on the heads of young beeworkers. If not for being heavily fed royal jelly, the queen ...

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The 3 C’s of Phenomenal Relationships


The most important thing you will ever have in your life is your relationships. Your relationship with your Creator, the relationship you have with yourself, and your relationships with the most important people in your life.

However, learning “how to” BE ...

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5 Tips to Overcome Loneliness & Beat the Blues During a Holiday (or Any Day)


The Holidays are here, and it’s a time of great cheer!

But, what if it really isn’t a very cheerful time for you? Whether it’s the festivities of Christmas & New Years Eve, the 4th of July when folks are grillin’ ...

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Are You Addicted to Bad Boys?

Addicted to Frogs-Fine Felon

Over the past few days, the internet and social media has been in a heated frenzy over the “FINE Felon!” I get it. The dude’s photo DID ...

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My Biggest Relationship Mistakes with Men


As grateful as I am to be happily married to the man of my dreams, I would be a fool to pretend I did not have my share of bumps in the road along the way. The lessons Keep Reading →

Will You Walk By Faith Into Your Marriage

There are certain scriptures that I’ve heard so many times, they’ve become quite familiar. “I walk by faith and NOT by sight” is one of those scriptures. Today, I heard these words mentioned and they landed on me differently. I ...

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Whatever is Lovely Think About Those Things


Dear Phenomenal Woman,Whatever is Lovely

Sometimes God takes longer than you’d prefer to answer your prayers. During those “meantime moments,” it’s especially crucial for you to focus on what’s going right ...

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