“You Are Beautiful” Children’s Book by Robyn Z. Abdusamad

You are Beautiful Book Cover- Robyn Z Abdusamad

I’m SO excited about the newly released book for girls called, You Are Beautiful! I routinely work with adult women who need to ...

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How The Devastating Grip of Depression WILL Impact YOU


In the wake of the loss of Robin Williams, among countless others, due to the agony of depression, I knew that I must shine a light on this very sad, and often very lonely illness. Any

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There Are No GOOD MEN Here! Maybe I Should Move!


I hear some version of this comment it seems like every week from single looking at mapwomen that are frustrated over their relationship prospects.

Heck, I remember thinking it a few times when ...

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Finish Strong

Finish StrongThis time of year, many of us tend to put on the “cruise control” and kind of coast into the New Year. Please, don’t do that. The time we’re gifted with ...

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3 Ways to Know If You Are in Denial?

Have you been “faking the funk” for so long that you don’t know what it feels like to be genuinely happy and fulfilled in certain aspects of your life? If any of these touches a sore spot, you may be ...

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7 Secrets of a Phenomenal Lifestyle(TM)

7 Secrets of Phenomenal Lifestyle

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Smart Women Don’t Waste Their Time With Tire Kickers

Smart women dont get stringed along

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