Wende Sanders, MS, CC is a Wife,

Mother, Woman of Faith,

Professional Coach, Speaker

and Business Owner.



I’m so blessed in many aspects of my life! I’m abundantly blessed to be happily married to the man of my dreams, my Soul Mate & best friend! I’m blessed that my entire business is about helping women to experience the life that God intends for them; a life of love, peace, happiness, passion and gratitude. I’m also blessed to be the proud mother of a wonderful, creative daughter!


The Journey

As appreciative as I am to share my happiness with you, I also know that my life has not always been like this. Prior to the Phenomenal Lifestyle™ I enjoy today, I experienced a great deal of pain and frustration, especially pertaining to men and relationships. I originally got married right out of undergrad to a man that I thought I knew. We got pregnant right away and were excited about our future. Shortly after, things changed and I found myself in an abusive marriage; full of humiliation, shame and feeling like God had turned His back on me.

Here I was a college educated women with a degree in Psychology. I asked myself, “How did I not see the signs before I married him?” I mistakenly thought, “This kind of thing isn’t supposed to happen to people like me.” But, I prayed that God would either heal my marriage or deliver me from it. After pursuing marriage counseling, He answered my prayers by releasing my daughter and me from the situation and ending that marriage.


But, God had a plan…

Being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and an abusive previous marriage has really served as the catalyst for my passion for personal transformation and personal growth. I know for certain that The Lord can use even the most devastating experiences to work together for our good! That He’s able to turn our tests into our testimony, and that’s just what He did for me!

For over 15 years, I’ve been a student of human behavior, psychology, performance improvement, relationships and personal growth & development. I earned a Master’s degree in Human Resources and Counseling, knowing that I was placed here to help people improve their lives. Continuous Improvement is a value I got from my dad. It’s what motivated me to complete 3 different Coach training programs and become a Certified Coach. I’m also honored to be a trained Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocate and volunteer for a local non-profit agency.

I believe that God has called me to use the culmination of my education and experience to help women improve the quality of their relationships, both with self and with men. That’s why as a Certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach, I specialize in coaching Single Women to experience the LOVE of their lives and to attract their SoulMate, while creating the foundation for a happy, lifelong marriage.


The birth of Phenomenal Lifestyle™

In 2009, I received the calling to begin my coaching business, two years after receiving my coaching certification. At that time, I already had a few years experience in coaching people to achieve their personal and professional goals. Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant about leaving my career as a Human Resources Manager. But, I felt the fear and did it anyway! This was truly an exercise in walking by faith and not by sight.

Thankfully, in my business I’m able to use my previous experiences with hiring salaried employees, training and development, employee relations issues and performance improvement, to the advantage of my Clients and Retreat Participants. I see a huge parallel between hiring the right person for the job and selecting the right person to be the head of your household.

Just like so many before me, God has used my life as a training ground for my assignment here on Earth. I’m grateful for the faith, hope, love, joy and healing that only He can provide. And, I’m grateful for the women He has sent me to help create a Phenomenal Lifestyle™ for themselves!


Favorite Parts of my Business:

Coaching Women & Girls, Educating and Empowering Women through my Training Programs & Speaking at Women’s Conferences & Events


Least Favorite Parts of my Business:

Talking with women I know I can help, then seeing them say “No” to themselves and go right back to their frustration, loneliness & stuck-ness


My Favorite Pass Times:

Cooking, Baking, Playing with Makeup, Fashion, Reading, Laughing & Playing with Family, Hip Hop Aerobics, Running, Inspirational Music, TV & Dancing with my Hubby